Wholesale & Distribution of German Food, Drinks and Vitamins

The best food is at home

German Dragon has been trading in Pattaya since the last millenium, having opened its doors in 1999

We supply restaurants, bars, supermarkets and hotels with a range of high quality imported products.

Our brands include:

  • Erdinger - Quality german wheat beers
  • Ginstr - Award winning Gin from Stuttgart
  • Stollenwerk - Popular German foods in jars
  • Delimax - Premium quality Norwegiam smoked salmon
  • Demosana - Effervescant vitamins from Germany

Our Group Companies

German Dragon is part of a group of food related businesses, plus works closely with several other companies


Online Retailer for British and Western foods and drinks

Inbox Foods

Producer of international ready meals and food products

AW Business Services & Visas
AWcode - Web Development
Pizza Plaza - DIY Pizza
Ezy Food - Delivery ordering software