Ginstr Stuttgart Dry Gin - 500ml

Ginstr Stuttgart Dry Gin - 500ml
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Ginstr Stuttgart Dry Gin - 500ml

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Brand: Ginstr



The winner of the golden medal at the World-Spirits Award 2018! And the world’s best gin to make Gin Tonic with, according to the International Wine & Spirit Company 2018 in London (GINSTR also won the ‘Gin Tonic Trophy 2018’ with the addition ‘Outstanding’).

A true Stuttgart Dry Gin, with botanicals from Stuttgart and mineral water from Cannstatt. 46 exquisite herbs, flowers and fruits. Fresh citrus aromas, the finest juniper, a touch of rosemary – all from 0711 to the world, just GINSTR.

Volume: 0,5 liters, 44 vol. % alcohol
Origin: Stuttgart, Germany
Quantity: 711 limited bottles per batch

Juniper, citrus fruits, orange blossoms, elderberry blossoms, cardamom, rosemary as well as 40 other exquisite ingredients

Prepared without any preservatives or artificial colors, 100% vegan

Packed Size (approximate)
Length: 8 cm
Length: 8 cm
Length: 21 cm
Length: 0.6 KG
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